Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Benson Is For Bums

I had a bum encounter this morning.  It scared me.

 I was on the corner of Benson and A Street doing my very important job. This person appeared, I thought he had come out of the building, as he looked dressed sorta like the nice fellow that chatted me up earlier. I should have been tipped off because this fellow emerging from the shadows did not have the matching cap that the nice fellow did.

As he got closer I could see that he had been beaten. His face was bloody, his eyes were blackened and the right one was partially closed. As he approached I could tell he was still very inebriated. I thought he would ask for help, but he wanted to know if I new where a attorney was. In the direction you came from is a building full of attorneys, is what I thought of telling him, but I asked if he needed the paramedics to come help him.

In my hand was a handheld computer that he though was a walkie-talkie and he wanted to talk on it. Probably to a attorney.   I told him he couldn’t use the walkie talkie and that he should get some medical attention, he started to get closer and I had to tell him to not come any nearer. He yelled that he didn’t give an f*%k and luckily staggered off down the road.
Wow. Another day in the regressive city of tee where you can see mental illness, and violence most  anywhere. But it's easier not to look.

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