Saturday, April 28, 2012

Devine Intervention

Alaska just celebrated its 50th year as a State. The people that wrote the Alaska Constitution believed that the resources of the state belonged to all the people, that lived here. Quite a concept then. Still a good idea now.

When the oil money began rolling in republicans like governor Jay Hammond thought that a Permanent Fund should be established to give every citizen of the state some of that wealth. We still get, every fall a dividend from the Permanent Fund.
  Interior sectary under nixon, and twice Alaska governor Wally Hickle not only fought for the Permanent Fund but used to call Alaska an Owner State, meaning the people owned the resources.

Fast forward to today. We now have t bag regressives controlling our state, and the number one priority of our ceo and religious leader, s.p. 2.0 is giving one of the wealthiest corporations on the planet Conoco Phillips Billions of state tax dollars in tax relief.

No worry about public safety, pot holes, honest elections, naw that stuff don’t matter.

p 2.0 couldn’t get this tax break through the legislature during the regular session so he called them back for a special session  at something like 30 large a day.

The state senate sorta stood up for the people of  Alaska. Some were ok with a tax break as long as the oil company produced some oil. They were himming and hawing around when as if by Devine Intervention

sp  2.0 withdrew his bill for tax relief for wealthy corporations.

The special legislative session was ended, and the legislature sent home.

Conoco Phillips struggles along making record profits.

Not everyone in Alaska has a flush toilet.

Not everyone in Alaska has reasonable access to law enforcement.

Will the governor try again to give the wealthiest corporation on the planet a tax break at the expense of all Alaskans?
Or will the next election give us more senators with brains?

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