Saturday, May 5, 2012

In The Wind

Years ago there was a biker magazine called In The Wind. That title said it all. Because we are always in the wind! Lately the wind has been cool, oh and yesterday and today some raindrops were mixed in, and I had to ride in the rain AGAIN!

Went looking for a eagle’s nest out by the airport today. Walked up and down the road west of the CEA substation, where Rio said it was. Couldn’t find it but did hear Eagle voices. They were in the wind. Somewhere.

Megawatts of electricity are generated by the wind in lots of places in amerika, but not here. Our electrical energy is mostly generated by natural gas turbans, and the heat those fires make generate some more electricity. The rail belt has three hydro plants that kick in a few megawatts, and of course some coal is used up by Fairbanks.

Our electrical power generation is MAJOR at pumping carbon into the environment.  

 As long as Cook Inlet gas keeps pumping the geothermal from the volcanoes that are on the west side of the Inlet will never be utilized

Oil & Gas Production Platform Cook Inlet
Photo swiped from world wide web
 That's just a Mt. Spurr, volcano in the background. Pay no attention to it.

On Fire Island West of Anchorage Cook Inlet Regional Corporation is building a wind farm that will be capable of supplying 17 mw as soon as July this year.

Union sisters and brothers are building the project.

When these blades swing in the wind photo plankton will be 17 mw safer.


  1. That's a cool photo of the wind generator parts and pieces.

  2. But, unfortunately, the wind turbines kill birds.