Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Ahead

With daytime high temperatures only getting up to maybe  +20 f, it doesn’t really feel like spring, but spring ahead we did.

Setting the clocks ahead in the spring and back again in the fall is more like a ancient ritual left over from when nixon was president.  Arizona and Hawaii are the only states I can think of that do not participate in this ritual.  I am with them!

Sunday morning I thought I would start with the analog clocks. That seemed like the easiest thing to do. Just spin the big hand ahead one hour. That was more than any human should have to do on a below 0 Sunday morning before Koffee.

The digital ones are tougher, you always have to remember how to reset them, and the car I saved that for Monday morning, and the bike can wait.

The people who make the rules aboot the time change. The GOMERENT!  Say you ought to change the batteries on your smoke doctors when you reset the clocks.

Those original equipment batteries are impossible to find.

 Cleaning out the computer inbox seemed like a better idea anyway. Then I found this in a dusty old file....

Eisenhower in his exit speech made the famous quote “Beware of the militarily industrial complex” but this quote doesn’t seem to be a part of that speech.
Those words. Even the current president who a few years ago won the Nobel Peace Prize  couldn’t say anything close to that, and those wealthy white men running for the nomination in  IKE's  political party couldn't find peace even with all the gold in the world.

Why do we put up with this war crap?

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