Friday, March 16, 2012

One Righteous Babe

Florence Reece (1900-1986) She was the wife of Sam Reece, mine worker, union organizer, and she wrote this song Which Side Are You On

 Don’t scab for the bosses
 Don’t listen to their lies
 Poor folks ain’t got a chance
 Unless they organize

Pete Seeger along with others recorded it.

For Pete Seegers 90 birthday party Ani Defranco performed her version of this old labor song. She messed with the Verses but the Chorus is the same.

Ifen you only have or only listen to  commercial  radio stations in your town you most likely will not here this 6 minute song. KNBA one of our Public Radio stations is where I get to listen.  But enjoy…sing along…share..hear!

Ani's first studio recording in years is titled Which Side Are You On


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