Monday, February 6, 2012

What do Ravens Eat?

 Seems that no matter what airport you might be hanging out in, on the traveler side of airport security, if listening you will hear announcements.

Fright 339 now boarding at gate B52.

The Seattle Terminal is non-smoking, as it the entire state of Washington. Please go to Oregon if you need to smoke.

Will the passenger that left there pet at the security checkpoint please return to the security checkpoint.

 Will the passenger that left their cat at security please retrieve your pet.
Really a traveler left their cat at the TSA security theater?
Could this could be a new terrorist  threat ? A threat that TSA doesn’t even realize?
 What if everyone abandoned an animal at the airport checkpoint?

Airports all over the nation burdened   with cages full of unwanted pets. Airport security would come to a crawl, the lines snaking out the door and around the parking garage.
Yes this could be a serious threat to air travel as we know it. 
But is is even worse on the actual airliner...

 We have a full flight with lots of carry on luggage.

 Carrion isn't that what Raven eats?
 Air travel is wonderful.
Riding to Barstow Tuesday....Perhaps to  finally locate the employee that washes hands.

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