Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Prayer Cards

 For years and years Alaska Airlines included with your meal a tiny card with a verse from the christrian big book of fictious stories. Since they only really feed people riding up front in the republican section of the plane, the cards had been reserved for those special fokes. But here I am riding right along with people that think global warming is a socialist plot designed to interfere with global destruction of the things that keep humans alive here on earth, and the prayer cards are gone. Done away with on the first of February.

 People wrote letters to the editor both for and against the cards but the best letter was from a jet driver who said have faith in your pilot, cuz if he makes it to the destination then you will too.

I am eating my airline breakfast on a real ceramic plate, with flatware made of metal. Scrambled eggs, fruit, and a wonderful German potato. The sun rises to my left, somewhere over Canada, and now I can see the snow capped peaks of mountains.

Usually when I ride on airplanes I like to leave on the red eye, but all the seats were full so I had to settle for leaving at 6:am  Still not awake at the ticket counter I handed the rep my passport and quietly asked for a ride to sunshine.

I could get used to riding in first class! But I will forever be a LIBERAL! With a mind set towards social justice.

On to the desert!

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