Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Lamp In This Room Looks Like A Nipple

Today was the day to head to Barstow. Naturally it was cloud covered,  and drizzly. I suited up with almost the identical gear I wore to the Arctic Circle, and headed out. Glad to be on Holiday, glad to be on my bike and really glad I was not stuck in the bumper-to-bumper traffic heading into Silicon Valley. Freeway to Hollister then Highway 25 the airline highway to Coalinga. Zumo Trickster gps of the Raven Clan now with pre programmed way points on highway 25 finally gives up on Interstate 5. For a while.

Hanging Out At The Water Cooler

Those cows and curves in the road is what you find if you ride the San Andres fault highway 25 between the freeways of 101 & I 5

After Coalinga Zumo ignored Blackwell’s Corner, and insisted  On setting a course to Interstate 5. Fortunately    I have ridden this road before and I know now how to avoid I 5, but Zumo has the heart of an interstate trucker and some     Serious White Freightliner Blues.

Oranges were being harvested east of Bakersfield. The 4000-foot pass was clear of snow but the temp was in the 30’s
It was good to get to the hotel. Peppermint arrived before me, and had the heater on and the room hot. My cold footers were glad.

Not a lamp shade but definitely a nipple

This room this hotel bead not a feather Roadway Inn is a solid 9.0. Super clean, everything works, excellent shower, the owners are very accommodating; free wi fi bikes right outside the door.

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  1. Glad to see you are on the road and well-supplied with wi-fi!