Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visiting Day

Got to say at a couple of Hotels this trip that had a morning Toast Bar. At the Roadway Inn in Barstow the owner insisted on making me a waffle. All that sugar and flour just made me feel hungry for the rest of the day.

Usually if a hotel has a breakfast I will grab some porage, and a nanner if they have one. But this morning at the Best Western in Tehachapi they have real food. Protein! Scrambled eggs and bacon that was sliced with a laser. So thin you can see through it.

The lady with a walker with wheels tells me she is in town to visit her husband, who currently lives at the local gray bar hotel Tehachapi State Prison. I thought aboot telling her that Peppermint and I recently road across most of California so we could visit the former federal prison Alcatraz, but thought better of that, and just said “he must look forward to your visits

Cell Block Alcctraz
California has a lot of prisons. I forgot aboot the one here in Tehachapi, and while enjoying the ride north I pass the prison at Wasco.
Further north I notice some traffic turning on to highway 33 from highway 41. Sure enough both cars pull into the turn lane at Avenal State Prison.  Visiting day all across the state.

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