Friday, February 17, 2012

North West Bound

Big Peep and I said our goodbyes last night as he was getting up extra early to exercise, and after a light breakfast with Spinner I was on the road by 8:00.

Retracing the ride Peppermint had made just the other day.  Gas and go, and finally put on my electric vest in Wickenburg, west bound with a goal of Bakersfield.

Peppermint and I always ride as one, and I love to ride with her. We make perfect passes and pull along each other and giggle like schoolgirls.
Riding along  today I have to make a pass ranch vehicle ahead” no bike behind me, just solo mode, and a twist of the throttle and that 1973 Ford with hay in the bed is history.
it’s like that most of the way. Not much west bound traffic, but lots of major horse transporters are east bound.
No gas here. Photo from the web

At Parker it’s gas, go, and say goodbye to the free state of Arizona. Hemet on and across the river we go.

Interstate 40 from Needles. Cruise control set at 65 in the 70 zone. CHP wave with a thumbs up as they pass on the left. Trash on the roadside. Broken glass sparkles in the sun. Cans shine bright. Plastic is everywhere. Bags, bottles, sheets.  Blowing in the wind, hanging on the barbed wire fences, stuck to cactus. Bike just rumbles, I’m going to check it but we should be getting aboot 45-50 mpg I can afford that!
Settled in at Tehachapi, not quite to Bakersfield

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  1. You go, girlfriend. Ride safe until we once again ride as one. Giggled like a schoolgirl as I read the blog!!