Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indstrial Agriculture

 Almost Spring Time
Almond trees in bloom

You can’t ride on two lane roads here in California and not notice that Agriculture is big business. Just aboot everything grows here, just add water, and for that real industrial flare some nasty smelling chemicals.

Some farmers still have large signs up complaining that they did not get the water allotment they paid for last year, and apparently they blame Nance Pelosi. Other farmers have large signs saying, “We can’t feed the world without water” Nowhere did I see a sign saying

“Planets resources limited Isn't 7 billion + humans enough?"

Riding north Saturday I spent some time shooting relics of more organic agriculture.

Actually saw a working windmill just like this one. It was pumping water for cows.

I am still unable to resist rust! This old barn just caught my eye

One of the wheels of the machines I saw working the fields are as large as this tractor.

It was a great ride back to the bay, and since this was a weekend it was the first time I did not have highway 25 all to myself. But that was ok because at almost every stop other riders would stop chat and make sure I was ok.
I made a side trip into Pinnacles National Monument, but the park was very busy. Will have to check this park out next time I am in the neighborhood.
Dotn know whene that will bas

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