Saturday, February 11, 2012

Out Of Helmet Experience

Almost 1 bar internet connection preventing any posting from Friday night and a all day into the dark ride today from the Salton Sea to the Pacific Ocean at Cambera has resulted in a out of helmet experience of eating pizza in the hotel room.

 Birding and Biking along the Salton Sea was a perfect day of riding. Temperature not to hot, not to cold and lots to see and shoot.

What you see along the Salton Sea

One of the first things I notice about the Sea was that Egrets like it a lot. Our first stop at north shore we saw lots of Snowy and Great Egrets hanging around. Then we discovered why. Dead Tilapias are tasty Egret food.

 Going further south and stopping at the State Park visitor center we joined a Ranger lead birding group. We crept along the shore gazing into the reeds and we spotted: Shovlers, Teals, Coots, Avocets, Black Necked Stilt…and some others that we only heard chirping, shrieking, clacking. It was a great day of birding, and biking.

When we woke up this morning in Caldaria we knew we were in for a long day of skirting the major population centers of southern California, but I don’t think either of us knew how twisty, how scenic, how high in elevation two 4000 and one at 5k+ mountain passes, or how flipping cold! Neither of us geared up like we should have. It was all day of adding layers, electrics. Gassing and going. But I got to listen to most of This American Life avoiding Los Angles. Best part we weren’t either  killed or caught on a LA Freeway.

Once we got to the hotel the only place to park outside the room was handicap so we bikered up the sigh, and ....

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