Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fighting Winter

One snowflake at a time.

We left the Salton Sea the other day and road for a favorite town of Peppermint’s and mine Cambria. If you ever want to spend time in a picturesque coastal town with great restaurant’s, good lodging, and trendy expensive shops. Cambria is the place to go.  We made the run in 1 day, and did not reach the coast until way after dark, so we didn’t get to see much of the town but we avoided most of the major freeways around the huge overpopulated Los Angles Area, and I got to listen to this American Life.

We went to the sea to see, the elephant seals that haul out just north of Cambria, along the shores of Monterey Bay. See seals by the sea we did. In the three very accessible areas we saw hundreds of elephant seals.

One Handsome Dude

It was straight sex Sunday but most everyone was discreet or just enjoying a little touch.

Happy Valentines day Sweetie

 Monterey Bay is still a thriving estuary for both Seals and Huback Whales,  since krill, and plankton thrives, and it has shallow areas to prevent babies from being attacked by Orcas.
Further up the coast the sea is aqua blue. The air is the best you can find in California. Thanks photo plankton!

The reason to come to the coast was 1. See the Seals 2. Shoot Bixby Creek Bridge

The Bridge is Iconic enough but according to the support people of the woman who based jumped  off the deck, and  Peppermint really didn’t catch her in her lens. My camera did not see anyone jump off the bridge,and  my eye didn’t either. Sorry officer some one will call 911 when they need you, but it won't be me!

Bixby Bridge 
3. Go to Alcatraz

The on line reservation system to get tickets to The Rock is harder to use than escape from the island was for prisoners. On line I filled out forms, checked boxes, selected times, waited for a conformation e mail, and even went to the public library to print the form they want us to have in hand at the gate.

When we got off CalTrain in The City, found the Muni stop, figured out how to get a Muni ticket, got on the train, found the F line to pier 33 it was already past our 12:10 departure time. At the gate I presented our past due paper.

The Officers Quarters 1900
Travel to be continued

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