Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Ottoman Trail

We started the day in the high desert town of Joshua tree, just outside the National Park. 
We found real espresso, and breakfast at Park Rock Cafe
Our barrista/ cook/ server asked me how many shots I wanted, and she knew I was not kidding around when I held up 4 fingers and, asked politely please put some water in that cup as to not bruise those shots, and save some room for cream.  She pulled perfect shots and the drink was GREAT!

The fresh strawberries were good but the oranges were out of this world juicy, ripe, and wonderful. We felt so good leaving that we almost forgot that we needed petrol.

Our first stop in the park was at Quail Springs. The sky was clear with just some wispy clouds.

Joshua Trees Blue Sky's No Snow That's a Way To Start A Day

 Next stop was Barker Dam. The first construction of the dam was by cattlemen in 1900 and was it was raised in 1940-1950 so more cattle could have water. In the 1900 the average rainfall in the area was 10 inches. Today the average rainfall is 5 inches
Humm start to depend on oil in the early 1900, drop in precipitation due to fossil fuel burning.  Nope no connection there.

The original dam built in 1900 is the rock structure. Concrete added in 49-50

Heading towards Cottonwood Visitor center we start to loose elevation. Temperatures rising the road twisting down. Zumo pulls up  Eagle and Hawk, Sun dancer, Beatles, Girl War, All day music. A dance on the pavement to remember as the desert changes from rocks and Joshua trees to open and Cholla Cactus 

We stop at the Cottonwood visitor center for water and a chat aboot the park with the rangers that live here As we cross over Interstate 10 on the ottoman trail we enter a steep walled canyon rapidly loosing elevation.

Mile 0 Elevation 0 Ottoman Trail

 We pause at mile 0 elevation 0. From here on in it’s below sea level, and ahead is the Slaton Sea.

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  1. Cool photos. Always amazes me how that part of California's desert looks so different from the low desert around Phoenix.