Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Trails

Peppermint needed her oil changed so this morning we headed to Victor Valley Harley Davidson, in Victorville California. Having attempted to get traveler service at the Vegas shop before I figured we would be turned away sooner than I could drink a cup of Motor Company Coffee. But the service writer a girl with a name tag made out of blue masking tape came right out as soon as we pulled up. As Peppermint was doing paperwork I asked the service manager if there was a car wash around, as my big girl needed a bath. He told me that he had on staff a detail man that was patched out on Lotus, and Ferraris.  A detailer to stars.  Well I said how much would you charge to have that fellow wash my bike. I was thinking $20. bucks or so, and I would have paid that cuz I rode in rain, but he said since they were going to wash Peppermints bike anyway they would just go ahead and wash mine.
They did. They fellow did an excellent job, and they didn’t even charge me.
Everyone at that shop was super nice. I even purched a shirt.  Maybe since they are right off of Roy Rogers Drive that gives them an edge up.
Photo from

 Roy, Dale, Trigger, and Bullet lived right near Victorville in Apple Valley.
When we rode out of the shop and headed to Joshua Tree, the Dale Evans Parkway took us in the direction we needed to go.

Parking in the Joshua Tree Visitors center lot I pulled into a spot next to a pickup with a Greyhound nose sticking out the window. The dog looked similar to my long gone Whippet Babbo

The dog was from Lithuania, and I know that because walking into the visitor’s center Peppermint found a major credit card lying on the ground. As we both wondered how we could use it for fame and fortune, we both knew we were giving it to the first National Park Service Ranger we saw in the visitor center, in hopes of it finding its owner, but we didn’t have to wait that long as a women we met on the path to the visitor center asked us if the card had the name Boslow on it. The card had that name on it, and we repatriated the card with its owner or some very crafty criminals.

We hiked around the rocks but left flashlights in the bikes, and walked back on the road to avoid darkness. Will see more of the park after the sun rises....


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