Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where Is The Sun

We left Barstow heading to the Hemet free state of Arizona. Most times when I have been in Arizona it has been hotter than hot. Triple Digit hot. Today not so much. We left Barstow all suited up and I did not turn off my heated gear until after Wickenburg.

Zumo trickster gps of the Raven Clan, with the heart of an interstate trucker, took us right to the Peeps door.

Zumo has been giving us a little drama the past couple of days. Yesterday she wouldn’t find the Airline Highway. Wanted to go on the Interstate to Blackwell Corner, and when we really needed her to get us to Barstow the quickest way, she quit talking to me all together.  
Operating her on off switch got her talking to me again, and I put her back on bike disk jockey duty, that seamed to make her happy

Today we used her to get us from highway 40 to 95, to 72, and finally to 60, plus she was in charge of music.

Zumo has her issues but she knows where everything is, she just doesn’t know where she is going.

 Making orange juice Arizona style

Bike getting service this morning, might get west bound later today.

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