Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bombay Run

I’m on my way to work this morning and the jumbo-tron sign at Sears is lit up with a  add for the Fur Rondy Photo Contest. The Rondy has not been on my mind because one of the best things aboot living in Alaska is being able to get the flip out of here, especially during winter, and especially during this winter that has record snow fall and unrelenting cold temperatures. We haven’t seen a degree in days, ain't (never say ain’t) complaining cuz   Fairbanks has been layering up for  –20    to –50 degree Fahrenheit. The Fairbanks forecast shows some relief by Monday with a high of –4, and now Tuesday we have almost 20 degrees above here in Anchorage

Heat wave, got ya burning in my heart…

 The desert has got to be warmer than this! Tuesday February 7 Peppermint and I are meeting in that Mecca of civilization Barstow California, Ok Barstow got selected cuz it   is just aboot half way between San Francisco, and Phoenix.  We plan on exploring the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, and a run through Death Valley. Last time we were both in California we tried to get out to Alcatraz and couldn’t as the tours were all booked up. It was summer time. But the reservations for the rock are looking very open for February so we just might get out on the bay too.

Not sure if she will have her spot tracker, but will put up the link if she does.
Watch for photos and words from the road and hopefully no fob drama!

 If you catch the Rondy Photo contest let me know if the three I entered, Halibut Cove, The Dredge at Chicken and in black and white a gear from a antique road grader at Fort Egbert got selected to show.

The three photos from last summer travels I entered in the Fur Rondy Photo Contest.

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  1. Good luck with the photos in the contest. I really like the one with the gears, although the surrealistic colors of the other 2 are also appealing. Looking forward to seeing your desert photos soon!