Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Review (ELW)

October and November of 2010 the first big movie to take advantage of Alaska’s tax incentive program came to Anchorage.
Before the movie stars arrived union electricians, and carpenters went to work on building a set at the port of Anchorage. The local stage hand union had to recruit new members as they had to much work.
Set being built for The Big Miracle at the Port Of Anchorage. The snow is really salt that crews sprayed and shaped to look like sea ice. In the movie it looks real.
 Normaly The Big Miracle is not a movie I would ordinarily go see at the theater. I would have waited for it to be at The Beartooth, or DVD,  but knowing people that were part of the crew, and watching the filming go on all over town I wanted to see the movie.
The film is aboot whales that lingered to long in the north and became trapped in the ice.
Drew Barrymore, plays an over the top green-peacer, and the movie makes some cute pro environmental statements.

The film stays fairly accurate to the actual event, and the out-takes at the end shows what actually happened to people actually involved in the whale rescue

I give The Big Miracle a two-tour pack rating.

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