Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Day Of Holiday

Wednesday the last day of holiday, the weather report says this part of California will be having summer like weather with temps in the 70’s. That is almost the warmest it has been, this trip.  I had the day to myself and a full tank of Ethyl. Headed north to San Francisco, and got to do some real city riding splitting the lane through stopped traffic on 19th Avenue.  Sport bikers have the lane splitting maneuver perfected, and do it at higher speeds than I can do on a Electra Glide, but push my way through traffic I do.

Once over the Golden Gate Bridge I head north on highway 1, towards Stinson Beach.

This part of highway 1 is so twisty I almost get motion sickness; luckily the road straightens out by Stinson Beach.

Snowy Egrets and lots of ducks are hanging out in the salt-water estuary along the road.

Further up US 1 I pull into the Point Reyes visitor center. As luck would have it the lighthouse is closed on Wednesday. So much for shooting Point Reyes light.

The town of Point Reyes Station is a great stop for lunch, then it’s east bound to Petaluma.

This has been the trip to loose sun glasses and shoot old windmills. This one I could not resist. On the road to Petaluma.
I will have to ride this way again as the towns are very picturesque with lots of Victorian buildings.

South Bound on 101 to park the bike for now….

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