Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boeing Home

Compared to riding a motorcycle, riding in an airliner is boring, even though the plane goes 500 mph, and to make matters even worse traveling home I am riding in Cattle. That ride south in the republican first class section spoiled me!
Flights sfo-sea full load and sea-anc full load

737 Alaska Airliners @ SEA awaiting  self-loading cargo to walk on.
What other state has a airline carrying  it's name and gives Alaska residents two free bags?

Zumo sez I spent 3221 miles riding on two wheels. Zumo needs some more connections so she could tell me how many miles I spent searching for NPR radio stations, and how many radio stations with a god delusion I intercepted.
It is freaky that way out in rural anywhere the most powerful radio stations are into christian dogma.
 While searching for reality I found out that it is not enough to be born once. But then here in the north we walk on water every day for at least 6 months.

 Peppermint and I both lost sunglasses this trip, and I broke my favorite pair of cheater glasses.

My AAA map of California is just about worn out and I think I will ask Nancybob for another. 

In California and Arizona I encountered only a few of the  signs in washrooms that say     “Employees Must Wash Hands” And as everywhere else those hand washing employees were nowhere to be found.

Lunch in Pacifica the other day, with family we dined at
The chicken pesto crêpe was delicious, but what was strange was a sticker on every tables package sugar holder that said “Do Not Play With Sugar. I so wanted to.

My roll on bag with my camera gear, the wheels make the same buzzing sound no matter what airport we are rolling along in.
It’s good to be home and sip on a Kaladi americano the krem is  as perfect as the holiday I was on.

Oh and Rondy. The three photos I entered in the photo contest, all three were selected to show. The black and white gear took second place, and Halibut Cove got a honorable mention.

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