Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken Records

Sorry West Coast but today we broke the standing snow fall record for the winters of 2003-2004 we now have over 111.5 inches of snow. In  94-95 we saw 121 inches that was a lot of flipping snow! The all time record was in the winter of 54-55 those lucky Alaskans saw a whopping 132.8 inches,  that is 11 feet of snow. I hope it stops real soon, cuz I don’t need to see 11 feet of snow.

City plows at work clearing neighborhood streets. Plow crews have been working almost around the clock just to keep the roads open

 Another record broken here just the other day,  is our Congressman for life Young Ding has, announced he will run for office again. Ding is pompous, arrogant, homophobic, believes women should be forced to give birth, he probably is raciest, too, but he is NRA endorsed and when he wins in November it will be his 22 term.

Not the NRA that supports Ding

This is a election year, so I put up my old 6-cent commemorative postage stamp. Right there at the top of the blog. That stamp was issued in 1968. One year before I could vote.
  I voted in every election since 69, and I still believe it is better to be a citizen rather than a consumer, but I have  real doubts if I will vote this year or ever again.
Oh well as long as Ding has health care I guess the world will be ok!

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