Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Narrow Streets and Narrow Minds

Narrow Snow Bound Anchorage Street

The Rack was a Medieval Torture Device. It was very popular during the inquisitions.   The heretic (victim) was laid on a table, with winches on each end. One winch was tied to the feet, and the other winch was tied to the hands. Men in black hoods would crank the winches until you confessed your crimes, or died by being pulled in two.

 Watching what passes for government here in amerika is like being forced to watch medieval torture, only tied securely to the table, and being pulled apart by capitalism, and greed is the environment.

 Here in Alaska we still have a sustainable natural environment. Uncontrolled human population growth is rapidly changing that, and the response from the republicans in charge of state government is to step up predator control. Aerial killing of wolves has been expanded and now, the snaring of bears in certain game management units is heading for approval by the heavily hunter favoring Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation.

 On the commercial tvee are adds by former republican legislators who promote development of the Pebble Mine. Apparently if you say it over and over again then the dumping of tailing's and chemicals like mercury into the pristine salmon rearing streams that support the Bristol Bay fishery, will have no affect at all, on those fishes. 

Meanwhile with the record snowfall this winter the railroad is slaughtering more moose than ever as it haul’s jet fuel from the koch brothers North Pole refinery, to all the thirsty military jets that put all those train loads of carbon back into our atmosphere.  

The only solution is another verse to our state anthem…

Narrow streets, and narrow minds. Makes us vote republican all the time.
Killing wolves from the sky. Snaring bears so they can’t get any of our rhubarb pie.
We don’t need science; it just gets in the way
Development Development Hip Hip Hurray!!!

 Modern Bears Fishing For Salmon

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  1. The photo at the top of your post is really awesome. Love the colors!