Thursday, January 26, 2012


What I know aboot Cuba is mostly positive.

Michael Moore in his documentary Sicko says that the Cuban government provides health care, for the Cuban People.  They must be socialists!

 A couple of friends who went to Cuba with pedal bikes, not to long ago. They  reported the countryside grand, the food wonderful, people very friendly, the accommodations hospitable, and the beaches clean! 

The latest HOG magazine has an article on the Harlisa Culture of Cuba. Cool  you can ride there and I am patched out on 45s.

 Harlista's Photo taken without permission from The Motor Company's Magazine

I was already thinking that Cuba would be a fantastic Country to visit especially before the amerikan  travel ban gets lifted.

But then today there was this blurb on the radio about Castro, and that got my interest because you just don’t here anything from Fidel. His brother is running the country, perhaps, and there just isn’t much news about him.

I couldn’t quite catch what he said so when I got by a computer I looked it up and…

Castro today writing in a Cuban newspaper said that the amerikan republican presidential race is “The greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance the world has ever seen”

Nuff said Viva Fidel.

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