Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Presidential Endorsement

I was thinking I need to endorse someone for President. Obama is the best republican President we have ever had, but some of the other candidates look pretty interesting.

Lets look at Herman Cain.
 Candidates just do not get any more ridiculous than Herman. His tax plan continues the war on the middle class, big point loss there, and then  along come sexual harassment accusations  I  didn’t do it. Well maybe I didn't do it, certainly I did not do it,   he says over and over again on flox news. Well just being on flox news is enough to zero out his creditability. First one then two and now three former employees have come forward with flaming accounts of sexual misconduct, while working for Cain at the NRA. Well the National Restaurant Association.
Sexual Harassment. God Delusion and Homophobic. Lets count Herman out for now.

Who else could I endorse?

Rick Perry. Rick says that the big man in the sky told him to run for office.
Looks like he looses some points for major god delusion.
Rick looses some more points for being major Homophobic.
He is from Texas, and the last President from Texas made it pretty sweet for the rich by bankrupting the nation so he looses some more points for being from Texas.
There is some pretty convincing evidence that as Governor of Texas Rick sent a innocent man Cameron Todd Willingham    to death.
Well looks like Rick doesn't stack up much better than Herman.

That leaves Mitt. Mitt has a name that sounds like a name for a cat, and his ideas are what got this country in the mess it is in today, but the wealthy are going to need someone to continue the war on the middle class.

Should I give Mitt the covenanted Ice Gal Endorsement?

 Ice Gal will Endorse......................

Safety Seal. I endorse 100% Safety Seal. If you have a hole in any tubeless tire Safety Seal will plug that hole up for the life of that tire. I have used them on motorcycle tires, and car tires and they work!
They might even keep hot air inside of politicians? Who knows? And with the Citizen United desicion ready to elect more republicans than the planet can stand we just might need to find out.
Safety Seal endorsed by Ice Gal!

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  1. Probably the best endorsement you could make! LOL

    Next year looks pretty bleak for progressive voters, but don't give up!