Friday, October 28, 2011

We Are Number One

For quite some time Laska has been a solid RED State, and over the years we have gotten more redder and more righter. Our governor in spite of overwhelming evidence believes the planet is only 6000 or so years old! Our Mayor concurs!
Laskans on the front lines of climate change, who witness rising sea levels and lack of sea, ice every day. Laskans who depend on the almost natural world for Substance, overwhelming sent republican incumbents back to DC. The same incumbents who have repeatedly voted to do away with the EPA, and think that any environmental protection on any development might… just... be to much for huge corporations to contend with.
But finally all that republicanism is paying off for us because I heard on the radio today that  we are Number One.

My mind wandered before I listened to the entire report. What could we be first in? Literately? No! Safe Livable Cities? Not! Clean Water for every village or town No Way Jose
 Could we be first in large vehicles that get 9 mph on a good day?

Now that was a possibility!
But it is actually worse than any of that. We are. Drum Roll Please First in amerika in Gun Deaths per 100,000 citizens!  Our rate of gun death is 20.64 the rest of amerika is a measly 10.38 we beat out states like Mississippi and Alabama. Flipping Louisiana can’t even come close to us.
The study is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on homicide, suicide and accidents. The data used was from 2008. The most recent year statistics are available.
The study goes on to say that 60% of laskan households have guns. Combine the rates of gun death and rates of gun ownership factor in the strength of gun laws, and the logical conclusion is  "States that tolerate more guns just have higher rates of gun death” Hawaii has the least amount of gun deaths.
Thank you NRA for promoting gun ownership. Thank all you folks who mount dead animal parts on your walls. The effect you are having on society is working, and it’s called regression.

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