Friday, November 4, 2011

Koffee Shop In Distress

It was Thursday the phone rang. The number looked vaguely familiar. The voice was almost recognizable Help was all she said. My mind was racing. Another damsel in distress I thought. Oh o hope it is not the damsel who was locked out of her 4th floor condo last week and I had to repel down from the roof, go in the window, to open the door. And even that was ok until the cops showed up, and they never would have if I hadn’t changed into tights, and a powder blue cape, before I slipped into my climbing harness. Well another story…

Help she said again. Could you do a show for us this Friday the scheduled person canceled.

Yes I said knowing full well I was only aboot 75% ready to do another show of my photos. After a late Thursday and two trips to my printer Fernando,  Friday morning it was all ready to hang, so with the help of two of my best koffee drinking friends we moved all the stuff into the Kaladi’s in the Performing Arts Center under the cover of darkness.

I took a few hours off work this afternoon.  and it’s all up and looks good!
Saving damsels in distress is just what I do….Koffee shops too.

 Kaladi Brothers Downtown Anchorage and My Photos

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  1. Glad you have another chance to show your photos. Do you have a separate website for your work, like Huckleberry is building for her work? Would love to see it.