Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election 2011

We didn’t have any election here in laska, today.  We reelect the same republicans anyway so elections are not much use to us here in the north.

Ohio did have an election today, and on the ballot was a initiative to overturn senate bill 5.  Senate bill 5 was the brainchild of republican Governor john kasich, and passed the republican controlled legislature earlier this spring. The law bill 5 created removed the collective barging rights of public employees in the state of Ohio.

Unions, the republicans want amerikans to know are the reason for the entire economic collapse of the global economy. How we did that while only wanting a say in the workplace, safety rules, retirement, health care, and opening our arms to so every working family could have the same benefits only t bag republicans know! Someday perhaps they could splain how income disparity increased, and the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and the middle class shrank, while Union membership declined, jobs went overseas, and corporations turned America into amerika.

Ohio Citizens overwhelming supported collective bargaining and defeated senate bill 5!

Unions spent around 30 million dollars to protect workers rights in Ohio and we won  a huge victory for working family's  across the nation.
How much the regressives spent on this election  to wage war on the middle class I do not know . But ALL that money would have been better spent on science and reason, instead of fighting greed or promoting greed.

Solidarity Sisters and Brothers Solidarity!

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