Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Commission

Months ago a patron offered me a commission to photograph the works of art, paintings oils, watercolors, and ink, that hang on his walls, and are a collection of art that he and his deceased wife had collected in their years together.
Yes Thank You I would be honored to accept your commission, I said. But summer, traveling around the north on motorcycles, and other distractions all got in the way of jumping on this project.
Mid summer one afternoon at Kaladi, he asked me if I was still interested. Absolute I said! But he gave me the eye and said “When you put that motorcycle up, for the winter, then you will be around.
The customer is always right adage proved correct again, because a drizzly, gray, 32-degree Sunday was when I arraigned for the shoot.

It was an amazing afternoon of shooting indoors, moving tripods and lights around furniture, stairs and what not.
But the real highlight of the shoot was hearing the stories behind some of the pieces.

This painting was by a local artist. It hung in a well known bar on 4th avenue. The  artist used it to pay his bar tab. It also had to be cleaned of cigarette residue.
Real Alaskana was on every wall.    
The Patron wanted the photos on a disk so he could look at them on the computer or e-mail or? I put the images on a cd, processed all the bracketed shots and cropped them. Those I put on a dvd slideshow.
The disks I delivered Monday evening, and even though some cash was exchanged for this gig, the real joy came in seeing this fellows excitement of seeing his art on the flat screen tv, and on the computer. He has plans to share some photos with e mail friends, a copy for the insurance company and I think I convinced him to do a phase two and write the history of the Alaskan pieces, and perhaps share them on a blog.
Ah my work is never done, and the language of god is biology and physics, but  that is  another blog….


  1. I like this blog. The photo is great.


  2. Cool photo of the painting and a cool story. Hope to hear more on this!