Thursday, October 13, 2011


Big Surprise in the Capital this week where our own senior independent Senator liza murk-cow-ski voted along with all the other republicans against the Presidents Job Act Bill.
The bill had provisions for deficit reduction. Tax credits for returning war veterans. Repairing infrastructure. Tax cuts for businesses. Reducing unemployment. All aspects of this bill were geared towards helping the American people, and the republicans voted against it. You don’t think that the republicans only mission might be making sure that no more black male democrats get elected to the office of president?
Just saying

This child along with her parents  was at the big rally when liza announced she would wage a right in campaign to retain her! Senate seat.

Hope the Child's parents are wealthy and leave her lots of money because the world the republicans are building is only for the rich.

North Side of The White House

  Another Occupy Anchorage a unison rally with the folks that have occupied Wall Street is this Saturday at 3:00 in town Square Park. The first rally on October 9th drew several hundred people, to listen to speakers like Scott McAdams, former Senate candidate for liza’s seat! Here is hoping this rally is bigger!

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