Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maximum Security

 No matter where you travel in amerika, you are bound to run across a maximum-security prison. Here in laska our maximum-security prison is located in Seward on a picturesque site that looks like a 4-diamond resort should be located there.
Back in 1984 before we had Spring Creek we would send our most violent offenders outside, to prisons all over the lower 48.
When Spring Creek opened in 1988 one of the very first inmates to return to laska was  robert hanson where he lives today. Still serving his sentence of 461 years plus life!
Judge Ralph E. Moody wanted to ensure that hanson never ever gets out of Spring Creek alive.
Of course I will tell you what hanson did but first let me tell you about him.
He ran a small bakery on Ingra Street at 9th avenue. A roommate at the time used to stop regularly to pick up coffee and a pastry. Co-workers used to bring pastries from hansons bakery to share.
Hanson like our Congressman forever young ding, shared a passion for killing trophy animals, and mounting the dead parts on their walls.

 Congressman forever young ding with dead animal parts.

 Only hanson, what he really liked was to hunt humans! And hunt humans he did. The big man in the sky wanted bob to rid the streets of Anchorage of drug using prostitutes, so along with several guns, knives and a airplane bob did his bit, to help out the big guy.

Big Man In The Sky
This came in the mail. You can not make stuff like that up!

When the cops finally arrested him in on October 27 1983 they only had enough evidence to charge him with 4 murders, but he plea bargained and showed the cops where 11 of the women he tortured and murdered, were buried out on the Kink River flats, one other woman’s body was found later.

 Walter Gilmour wrote a book Butcher Baker about this tragic chapter in our history. The book has been made into a screen play and now another major motion picture using union workers and staring John Cusack and Nicolas Cage is shooting right here in Anchorage. The Working Title of the film is On Frozen Ground.
They moved the bakery from Fairview to a real nice eatery The Paris Café in Muldoon.
hanson gets nothing from the movie except to serve out his remaining 461 + 1 years sentence.

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  1. Wow, interesting story about the upcoming movie. It saddens me though that stories about serial killers always are a bigger draw than something constructive/inspiring.

    The pictures of Jesus in tracts (which I assume is what you got in the mail?) are always fascinating to me - a litmus test for where the author is coming from - which in the case of the tracts is usually pretty scary.