Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ifen you are not laskan you might not know that PFD means Permanent Fund Dividend. Today that dividend paid ever laskan living and a few dead ones just over $1000. Now I am not going to say that some of the Fund’s investments do not have some blood on them, or are invested in companies that are devastating the environment, cuz laskans only need to know they just got a grand, just for living here, and filling out a form on line.
You Bet every business in town is vying for some of that money, including our two public radio stations.
Public Broadcasting is going to get some of my PFD money and I want to give you a reason to support Public Broadcasting.

Today on Terry Gross Fresh Air she had a interview with New Yorker staff writer Jane Mayer.
You remember Jane she wrote the New Yorker article last year   exposing   those champions of democracy our  pals the koch brothers.

Well Jane is at it again this time exposing the koch brothers pal art pope. art is hard at work helping a Republican strategy called RedMap succeed in North Carolina. The project is aimed at taking over state legislatures and then leveraging those victories to shift the balance of power in Washington.
Here is the link to the story and pod cast.....Terry Gross Fresh Air
This is a very important story please take a look, and please support Public Broadcasting, because when the public voice is silenced then we will only have flox news controled by the likes of pals of the brothers koch.

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