Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Renewable Energy

We need to stop generating electricity with fossil fuel. Especially coal.  Lower amerika has some wind generation, and solar generation. Here in the north we have neither. The majority of our electricity generated on the rail belt comes from burning natural gas. Two small hydro plants, and perhaps a coal plant in Fairbanks and that is all we got.
Rural Alaska is even worse off as most of the electricity generated in the villages is produced by diesel, with some small wind plants.

But get this. Because this planet is spinning around in the universe, all that spinning makes the center of this planet hot. So hot that the rock is molten! Sorry christians no make believe eternal damnation in the center of the earth just molten rock. This molten rock because the planet is big plates of rock sometimes gets to the surface and makes Volcano’s and that makes geo thermal energy possible.

Chena hot springs up by Fairbanks is totally off the grid and sells some power back to the local utility because they make electricity with the hot water that comes right out of the ground.
Mt Spurr across the inlet from Anchorage and a stones throw away from the power lines has some interest for generation, but we sit at the end of the Aleutian plate and we have volcanoes that could supply all our energy needs, except that republicans run everything here and we that would mean we would be socialistic with health care like Greenland that uses geo thermal energy and the government controls the oil companies. Wow that is just wrong.

Mt. Redoubt

I wrote this whole blog just to show this picture of Mt. Redoubt. It is about 150 or so miles away from where I was standing this afternoon on Turnigan Arm,  when I bracketed this photo with a major lens. That cloud is steam venting from the crater on the north west side
This website has all the information on all the volcano's in Alaska Redoubt If you have a volcano in your neighborhood pressure your utility company to do geo thermal generation

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