Sunday, September 18, 2011

Traveling The All Night Line

Saturday night I was at the PAC, at a Kd Lang concert. What voice. What a band. What a great show. I left my friend in the crowd and jammed back to my wheels, I pointed her in the direction of home. My ride to the airport was waiting for me when I pulled into my drive. Pickupand Dropoff opened the suicide doors to his car, I tossed my bags in and off we rode to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport or ANC.
The TSA Theater was only at security level defcon 1, and the lines were not very long. The TSA actor shined his special evildoer detection light on my passport. He looked at me. He looked at my passport. He looked at my ticket and almost made a mark on it with his pen. But did not. Through the metal detector I strolled, and soon found Huckleberry sleeping on the bench over by the starbucks. She to passed through the illusion of security too. Soon I was on a fright to SEA and she took a ride to Denver
Sunday morning around 10:00 I am alive and awake in LAX I have never been here before. I have never planed on being here before, but here I am waiting for a ride to the capital of amerika. Every sky carriage from ANC to here has been full, and I suspect that this fright will be full too.
This trip is the longest airplane rides of my life. I don’t think I have ever been this far away from my motorcycle, and I wonder if big bike in San Francisco sensed her fob flying overhead this morning?
LAX to DCX another full fright in the middle seat. Refreshing grapes, apples and cheese for only $6.00. Talking to a young man. With a passion for art, music, high above most of the states I have rode in. This young fellow respects art, life. First time ever this long in a sky carriage, and this young man made it good.

Founding Father of The T Bag Movement Ronald Regan & Unknown Human

Landed at DCA Regan airport. Huckleberry met me over by the Donut shop. We are at work in D.C

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