Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Best Hotel On J Street

Point Lay Alaska, a tiny village on the Chukchi Sea, has seen 20,000 or so Walruses haul out on the beaches, a direct result of the lowest level of Arctic Sea Ice ever. The Walruses normally spend the summer on the sea ice and forage in the continental shelf then rest on the ice. No ice so they have moved to shore, and not only have to go greater distances for food, but the young ones get crushed when so many gather in one place
Walruses are under consideration for the endangered species list, but they might be gone before they make the cut.

 The Walruses Was Paul ?

The Proposed Pebble Mine is a environmental disaster just waiting to happen. Its swill pits will destroy one of the largest sustainable salmon runs left on the planet.  Most everyone with a brain and commercial  fisher people from Alaska and Washington have baned together to prevent this mine from ever happening. Even Washington  Senator Maria Cantwell is behind stopping this mess.
 Finally The  Koch Brothers have come to the  rescue of the pro pebble forces, and through such republican groups as  cei they are aming  to discredit the senator, and saying mining jobs are better than fish any old day!

This rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is real hard work, that is why I am glad I am heading to the capital of amerika for some picture taking, and some serious Smithsonian investigation.
Huckleberry recomended this great hotel on J street. It is run by this French Man, I think she met in Paris. Pierre L'Enfant I was lucky to get a room... 


  1. Sorry you're getting so much exercise on the deck of the Titanic, but your efforts are appreciated!

    Have fun in DC! Can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Hey... don't touch the cherry blossoms! and make sure you photograph our nationals treasures... before they are all gone... you volunteer... you.

    your dearest huckleberry

  3. I wondered if you two ladies had heard of this fellow, who is an Alaska photographer - really great stuff on his blog:

    Also, have a friend from high school/college who is documentary photographer who just finished a residency in Alaska ... will pass along her URLs if she publishes the photos somewhere I can link to. She's a former Fulbright winner who's been an awesome photographer since I met her in 8th grade. Really.