Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hunting For republicans

We had a Capitol tour scheduled for this am but we thought we would drop by our congressman office and get passes to tour the senate and house chambers. We stopped by young dings office but it looked like they left town and forgot to have the newspaper delivery stopped.

young dings Washington Office

The tour of the Capitol Building was grand; the place has stood the test of time.

 Washington assenting to Saint Hood Painting on the Capitol Dome

 We still wanted those passes to see the house and senate chambers, and right next door to the capitol is the Heart senate office building natural habitat to our beloved republican senior senator liza mur-kow-ski. We found the right floor but forgot the room number, and just when Huckleberry was using I phone technology to locate liza’a office I spotted a fellow that I knew would know where her office is. It was vern, liza’s husband, and he took us to the office introduced us to staff, showed us around, and was so nice that I almost wanted to give him some money to help liza do away with the EPA, Clean Water Act, Social Security…Fortunately my left leaning liberal nerves were aboot fried from being around so many republicans, that I took the tickets, and asked where we could get some coffee. The one staffer was so nice he took us to the senate cafeteria down in the catacombs of the building I think hoping some change would fall from our purses.
We got some coffee and had to try the Senate Bean Soup….

Senate Bean Soup Contains Pork. Really!
Huckleberry had to go to work, and I headed for the mall, and the Smithsonian’s.
What treasures those museums hold. From the struggles of the Civil Rights movement to Julia Childs kitchen     

As darkness fell on the Nations Capitol we grabbed our cameras and headed to the tidal basin to shoot the Jefferson, and Lincoln memorials at night. The monuments are stunning. The new Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt memorials are inspiring.
The new memorial to Dr. King is so moving that it brought tears to my eyes…

Washington and Jefferson Monuments at night

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  1. Sounds like a great trip so far. The night photo is really great.