Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweep em up Birdie

The Grand Circle Loop Tour was an incredible adventure. It was 3 days of being on the road and riding with a bunch of hoodlums, that made me lead the pack. I tried to ditch the 6 others at the first intersection we came to, but they were having none of that and quickly formed up behind me for the ride out of town east bound on the Glenn.
One quick fuel stop in Palmer then out past the last stoplight we rode.
Eureka Lodge was our Breakfast Stop, real hardy roadhouse food, and portions large enough to keep your bum planted in your seat.
We rolled into the holy city and once again this god fellow was a no show. Perhaps he dose not like biker types, but he knew we were coming…….right?
The gas pumps were busy selling fuel to large motor home type vehicles, towing all manners of off road vehicles, so that the men driving these vehicles, could go off into the woods, and chase down a moose or maybe a caribou and kill it. I think all these motorized hunters should just stay home, and get meat at Safeway but kill your own from the seat of your wheeler is the laskan way…

 The Copper Center Inn is where we had planned to say. The lodge is a historic building, and   I was looking forward to staying there. Had wanted to do lots of shooting… camera, but the place was full for the night, so south to Valdez I lead the group.

Hoodlum Crew in Copper Center

 Most of the day was low clouds and drizzle. Just enough rain to keep your windshield wet. Thompson pass looked like it could have some fog, but as we climbed up to the pass the wind was blowing and the road was clear. The holiday weekend was in full swing in Valdez.  We had to look for a hotel that was not full, and were lucky to get the last two rooms in a declining inn.  That done bikes parked for the night whoopee!

Next time North Bound on the Richardson Highway natural habitat of the Trans Alaska Pipeline

Pipeline in Full Fall Plumage

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