Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Continental Breakfasts

The declining inn’s credit card machine would not read either of my cards so I had to pay my share in cash. Since I do not carry much cash Sunday morning I somehow woke up early, and walked over to the atm to get some more money. On my way downstairs I smelled toast, and much to my surprise the inn had u cook waffles, cereal, juice, stale bagels bread, and a brown liquid that was calling itself coffee. This coffee liquid was so weak that the wonder bread toast was having its way with it. I drank some of it anyway, as I was not up to creating real koffee.
On my way back I spotted Birdie. She was headed to the Keystone in search of soda.
We checked the Keystone breakfast and helped ourselves to some fruit and yogurt, juice, and another cup of week coffee. Birdie found some soda in the vending machine, and soon we were on our way back to pack up the bikes.

Our mission for the day was to ride the entire length of the Richardson highway to Fairbanks.

We headed north out of Valdez under drizzly skies. The pass was looking threatening, with clouds on all the peaks. Being pure of heart mostly paid off again as the pass was clear.
Zookeepers bike was having fuel supply drama so it took us a while to get back to Copper Center for some real roadhouse food.

The Richardson highway travels through the Copper River Basin. Hear are the clear headwaters of the Copper  River. Salmon swim all the way up past Copper Center, and  when I checked the mileage to the way point I set at Child's Glacier, Zumo showed it was 140 miles down stream. Wow, those are some fish.

Fall Foliage along the Richardson Highway

The spawning salmon were gone from this stream but plenty of small salmon were spotted in the clear water.
We made it to Fairbanks, and so did Zookeeper. We think he got his fuel drama solved? Peppermint and I got to do some shooting at Creamers Field
The Sand hill Crain’s have flown south but Canadian Geese were plentiful.

 Canadian Geese Take Flight at Creamers Field Fairbanks

Fairbanks was the only place on the Run where we got to see bright sunshine, and blue skies.
The evening  I was shooting these shots it was just before the sun set. The light was just wonderful

Creamers Dairy


  1. Mostly pure of heart? I know which parts aren't. Having a good time in France. Your mention of fall colors made me worried I would miss the 3 day fall season in Alaska. Perhaps I can get one more run in after DC?

    Take care and ride safe...


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