Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grand Circle Loop Tour

Labor Day 2011
I grew up in a union household. But most workers in amerika, because of the Labor Movement enjoy Weekends, and 8-hour shifts. Job Safety, and workers compensation benefits.
Union members like myself because of Collective Bargaining we have health care. We have retirement. We have paid holidays, and leave to use when we schedule it.
It is no wonder that huge corporations employ republicans to sell the amerikan people on the idea that unions are evil and huge corporate profits are good.
If it wasn’t working out so good for the right I would have to spell America correctly.

 Pre Work Place Safety Rules

 Here in the north the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day are the bookends of summer.
Being a worker and not a warrior Labor Day, tugs at my heart, more than Memorial Day.
Female garment workers being burned alive because management locked the doors.
Police killing picketers because they were attempting to organize.
I have a long weekend because workers fought for and some died so we could have equality in the workplace.

The Grand Circle Loop Tour is how I will spend this weekend. Riding once again to the Holy City Of Glenn Allen Then its the Richerson Highway to Delta, and Fairbanks. Then the Parks highway to home.
It is a big loop on pavements. Fall colors should be brilliant, and it might even stop raining.

Workers Rights are Human Rights

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  1. Your commitment to unions is inspiring. My parents belonged to a government-workers union, AFGE, that didn't have much power in the Reagan years (post-PATCO)but they felt it was important nonetheless.

    Enjoy your trip and bring home some great photos.