Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Every once in a while in spite of the republicans best efforts, Progress happens. The Civil Rights movement after years of murders, police beating, marches, sit in's .... strom thurmon and george wallace. Legislation was passed, Civil Rights for almost all amerikans became a reality.
The new monument on the Washington Mall to Dr. King is a testament to the Civil Rights struggle,

Dr King Memorial On The Mall

and to the greatness of Dr. King.
The Human Rights struggle continues in this country and once again republicans are leading the way to  not only eliminate any progress the labor, workers rights movement has made in the past 70 years but republicans stand hand in hand to impede any progress towards making Gay citizens equal under the Constitution that when I looked at it yesterday it still says "All Men Are Created Equal"
Well this week Don't Ask Don't Tell went away, and now Gays can now be in the military and be open about who they are! 
Other Federal Government agency's like the Department of Interior are leading the way, and this impressive video is progress.

Thank you
Traveling from D.C. Today to San Francisco...

Hope the men on the roof saw the rainbow lighting bolt on my tripod leg when I stuck it through the White House fence to get this shot

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  1. I watched an HBO documentary on Don't Ask, Don't Tell last night and it brought tears to my eyes. It encapsulated everything LGBT people have said about how de-humanizing it is to force some Amercians into the closet and deny them their rights. The DOI video is proof that the tide is changing, but it is important to continue to keep the pressure up on those who are truly our opponents, and to reach out to those who can see the truth of who gay Americans are.

    Hope your trip continues to be good ... more photos please ...