Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Patch

In the biker world there is a patch or a pin for everything. You got your patches and pins for runs, for events, for memorials, girls, and even one for fob drama. Patches for things like girls and fobs expire so you have to occasionally renew them. When you do you get a rocker.
Well Big Bike was having nothing to do with her fob. She was like, you parked me for most of the summer rode around on some hoodlum girl without a trunk. You left me with new tires, new fluids, you left me with a dark passing lamp. That hoodlum girl you been riding is newer, Drama…Drama..Drama… Fob Drama….
The only way to end Fob Drama, and get the rocker is to walk to where ever you can get a battery for the fob, then walk back to your two-wheel sweetie and take her for a ride.
Go for a ride we did over the twisty road to La Honda, and Half Moon Bay, cuz I like twistys and because I needed to get a bran new patch as Professional Produce Photographer.
Not every biker photographer, that lives in laska ever, gets the PPP patch. Oh sure they get the required Safeway Produce shots. The giant cabbage from the fair shot, but the one you need to patch out is produce growing in the field. Well I patched out.

Pumpkins Ready For Harvest Half Moon Bay

This next shot put me over the top for the patch, and earned me a pin....

Pumpkin ready to be sold

 The next photography   patch I am working on is the little known Antique Pez Dispenser Patch or PDP. I think I am off to a good start…

Flinstone Character Bam Bam from the 60s 


  1. I heard there was a pumpkin shortage in the lower 48, but obviously this is not an issue up where you live! Nice photos.

  2. Oooooo... OMG... Pez! And I don't have those... What's it gonna take to get those from u?