Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Disneyland For Democracy

Here in the capital of amerika people we elected to represent us are hard at work mainly representing the interests of huge corporations, so that they can raise enough money to get reelected. The republicans are masters of getting ordinary citizens to vote against their own best interests. The democrats are not so good at that, and may actually want to progress forward, but still have to raise money to get reelected.

In spite of this corporate climate this county has had some exceptional people that either helped create it like in the case of my favorite founding father Thomas Jefferson. Or presidents like FDR that put safe guards in place to actually benefit working people.
Huckleberry and I were talking aboot first Ladies this morning. We had gone to see the Roosevelt Memorial the other day and were both taken by the statue of Eleanor. Our conclusion was that Eleanor set the standard of leadership for all first Ladies, that to this day has not been eclipsed.

Elenore Roosevelt Memorial

If I happen to find a monunment to just say know I will post the photo


  1. I didn't know Eleanor had her own memorial. Very cool. She was quite a woman. :)

  2. And MLK is now the only larger non - presidential, non - war memorial sculpture to be located on the Mall.