Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Your Six Dollars Worth

 Gee all I did was put one leg of my Tripod, the one with the rainbow lighting bolt sticker on it, through the fence of the White House and now I got the President following me here to the Bay Area. If I had a spare 50 large, guess I would go have dinner with him, cuz I sure would love to here it from him why he is the best republican President who ever had us.
Was going to meet up with some friends in The City today, but everyone’s timing was a bit off, and we missed each other.
I have always wanted to walk under the Golden Gate Bridge, out to the little building at Fort Baker. I had a full tank of gas so over the bridge to Sausalito with camera I rode.
Fog was roiling in and out at the Golden Gate, and the path to the little fort at the entrance to the bay was closed for construction.
Under The North Side Of The Golden Gate Bridge

This spot is real popular with tourists and everyone that walked by, rode by, ran by asked me to photograph them with their I phone.  I think I might have patched out with I phone cameras…
Im going to have more patches and pins than I know what to do with.
It cost $6.00 to get back into The City, but you can stay as long as you like. That might be the best deal in the Bay Area, and certanly more afforadable than eating with the President.
Traveling back to Anchorage today..

Huckleberry and I at work somewhere in amerika

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  1. Great photo of the bridge! I love the colors/shading!

    I have at least one memorable photo of people taking photos ... so that one made me laugh out loud. :)