Saturday, August 27, 2011

The View

We have a lot of scenery here in Anchorage. We can’t quite see Russia, but we can see Mt. McKinley on a clear day. Unless it is real cloudy we can usually see the volcano Mt. Spurr, and sometimes Mt. Redoubt.  The Seward, and  Parks highway are national Scenic Byways. laska looks good!
It is just no wonder why some of our neighborhoods are named view. We got Ocean View, a rather upscale part of town. We got Grandview. It is a older part of town mostly ranch style houses, some neat and tidy others not so much. Hay its laska.
Fairview flirts with being part of downtown, and many a night I spent there, but never east of Ingra Street, cuz there are some dark places there.
Then we got The View. Mountain View
The View is a older part of town with some fabulous views of downtown, and Mt. Sustina. Unfortunate it is the ghetto of laska.
The government that the t bag republicans want to eliminate has sent millions of dollars to Cook Inlet Housing, and they are doing quite a amazing job of transforming The View into a desirable part of town again. Tearing down old multi family buildings and replacing them with energy efficient single family homes and duplexes.
Another derelict building was torn down the other day, and the students from Clark Jr. High did a wonderful painting on 200 feet of fence.

 In D.C this weekend 48 years after Dr. King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave his I have a dream speech, a monument to Dr. King will be dedicated.

Dr. King Monument on the mall Washington DC 

The monument along with most everything her in amerika was made in China.
Dr. King changed the world for the better, and did it without violence.
Perhaps his monument will inspire progressive greatness in others, but I’m thinking his dream is alive. Even in this pathetic red state!

Mountain View Peace Wall
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