Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looming Deadline

Huckleberry's premier First Friday Show of her photography needs to be hung this Saturday.
I have thrown open the doors to my In The Dark Studio and we are in full production mode.
Tonight I have been gluing, cutting, sawing and sweeping while she edits photos, cuts crops,prints, and searches the art stores for more matting,  and that dreaded white foam board. (that stuff can be soooo hard to cut straight)
Printing Studio
Note Artist Lounging
The cops are at the door because the hair dressers have blocked the street with their motorhomes and the nail artists are right behind them, the lighting techs are building a bon fire....
Midnight Sun Coffee Shop is the venue.


  1. Congrats to Huckleberry on her show! And kudos to you for helping it happen. Will any of the photos in the show be shown online - or have they already been on the the blog?

  2. Liz: all new photos. I have a new website I'm building.. Hope to have photos up soon.