Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Invented Photo Plankton Anyway?

As a mammal living 900 or so feet above Cook Inlet Photo Plankton are important to me. Heck Photo Plankton are important to mammals where ever they live.
I enjoy asking random people if they know aboot Photo Plankton.
The guardian of the Whittier tunnel, who lives in sight of Prince William Sound prime habitat for, Bowhead Wales, she did not know when asked, the first time through the tunnel, and still did not know on my second trip through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel!

Week or so ago, while at the giant where house store I ended up with a new .98 cent phone.

My New .98 cent phone
 I had no idea what a process it is to purchase such a high dollar item. I had to get a contract with my service provider. I had to have ID. I needed to read the small print, and I needed to be pure of heart mostly to complete the deal.
The young fellow that was selling me the phone splained everything and was ready to close the deal when he said that there would be an $18.00 initiation fee.
Well I said two more years with the phone company and .98 cents was all I was going to pay, and if I had to pay the $18.00 dollars then the deal was off!
Oh he said. Perhaps if he was to call the phone company they would rescind the initiation fee, since I was pure of heart mostly.
Well phone the phone company he did, and waive the fee they did.
After what was way longer than I had planned to spend in the giant where house store I was ready to go with my new .98-cent phone.
Before I left though I asked the young man if he new what photo plankton are.
No he said but he was going to get the app for that.
Well find out what they are, you are a bright young fellow and you should know what photo plankton do for you I told him.
Just the other day I was back in the same store to pick up all the things you can get into your motorcycle saddle bags, from a giant where house store.
The young fellow saw me and asked me how I liked my phone? How is it working?
Well as good as a .98-cent phone could work I said, and did you find out aboot photo plankton?
Oh no he said. I’m bad! But I will google it right now on my I phone.
I phone out. At the google web site. How do you spell it, he asked?
P-H-O-T-O  P-L-A-N-K-T-O-N I spelled it out as he typed it in.
I did not see what web site he pulled up but after a bit he looked at me and asked
“Who Invented Photo Plankton?”
WOW  How detached from the natural environment can humans get?
I told him to look up Evolution, and I will be back.

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