Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Many Liberals In The Sun Here

Well...We are on the cusp of fall. The leaves just starting to turn from green to yellow and red.
Well..We have been having downpours of rain. So much rain that all the folks that usually say "We need the rain". In spite of the fact that this state is a swamp and we do not grow crops here have shut up!
Well.. Our governor S.P. 2.O along with fellow republican rick perry of Texas, are still praying.
Well...People that believe in make believe right letters to the editor in  support of rp, and sp 2.0,   they even  quote verses from the big book of fictitious stories in their letters.
Well the State Fair starts this weekend. Lots of laskans say the fair brings the rain?
Well how could a event have any affect on the weather?
Well laskans are just detached from the real world

Well Well Well

Well I have no Idea what that text scrolling accross the screan is saying.

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  1. The Arizona State Fair "brings" cooler weather, but only because it is in October and November here.

    What's really wild is that it is this big agricultural celebration, but the state fairgrounds are in a tough neighborhood in the inner city in Phoenix.