Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 Cosmos

To get to Cordova for the weekend required riding the Fast Ferry Chenega.

The Chenega  & the Fairweather are the only two fast ferries in the Alaska Marine Highway System. 34 knots. That is 40 miles per hour with a tail wind. That is fast on the water!
Ifen you are in a hurry that is grand, but this is Prince William Sound. It is scenic, it thrives   with sea life, riding on twin hulls at 40 mph you don’t get to see any whales, or sea lions, they flee from this ship.
It is foggy today, with 3-foot seas, so maybe fast is good.
What a great weekend. I recommend an annual trip to Cordova, and I recommend the Cosmos at the Reluctant Fisherman
We rode The Copper River Highway. It takes you through the Copper River Delta.
The scenery is spectacular Glaciers flow down from massive ice fields all along the drive.

Sheridan Glacier

The road ends two miles past the Childs Glacier, on the other side of the Million Dollar Bridge.
As I said we rode over the Million Dollar Bridge. I always wanted to do that.
The bridge was built between 1909-1910 and all the spans were lined up until the 1964 earthquake. The last span fell off its abutment and remained in the river until 2005.

Last span of the Million Dollar Bridge

Somehow the last span doesn’t line up any more with the rest of the bridge. Perhaps there is a reason for this misalignment? Or could it have something to do with  liza’s daddy frank murcowski who in 2005 was our worst governor ever, authorizing the work to be done without drawing up the plans first? 

 You can view the Childs Glacier from a wonderful picnic area, you could also camp in the campground, but then it would be to far to walk to town for Cordova Cosmos.

Childs Glacier, & Copper River from the Million Dollar Bridge

The Glacier calves like a tidewater glacier. From the picnic area you can hear it creaking. We heard some large bergs falling into the river, and got to watch one smaller one. The wave caught Huckleberry by surprise
On the way back to town we didn’t stop, as we wanted to check out the downtown when the stores were open.
The gravel road was in spots like riding on marbles, so dodging potholes at the last second was out of the question. I hit my share of them on the way in so I really didn’t want to hit any more, going fast. Looking in my mirror I could see Huckleberry steering towards the water filled potholes. I could almost see the grin on her face through the visor on her hemmit.

No Road Cordova...  what a blast!

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