Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Missed It

I rode to the end of the Copper River Highway.
Went over the Million Dollar Bridge. Twice.

She Who Has No Trunk On The Million Dollar Bridge
I missed it.
Instead saw first hand what global climate change is going to do to this road.

Glacier melt will soon wash out this bridge on the Copper River Highway

Yea I missed it. Instead saw bald eagles and swans, unspoiled wilderness, and the Copper River that supports a major sustainable fisheries.

Our t bag governor sp 2.0 along with the t bag governor of Texas, did a day of ignorance and fear, praying for make believe to make it all ok for hetro white men.
 I missed it.

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  1. Sorry that human stupidity put a damper on your adventure. It can be very discouraging to look at what is happening these days. Don't give up the fight!