Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wild Aboot Beagles

The other day I got e-mail from Bearclaw. It said welcome back to amerika, don’t work to hard and maybe we could ride some evening or weekend or what ever…
Bearclaw is a big part of the reason that myself, and a few other women are such skilled riders. Years ago when he led the big rides he did it with a precision and skill that made you pay attention, and one time when just 4 of us were on a nasty patch of gravel and I had enough of the leader going 30mph, I got around and was cruzing at 60mph or so, it was him who passed me laughing so loud I could here him over the voices of the bikes, and flying gravel.

Middle of the week I was thinking aboot that email, so I rang him up. Me Bearclaw you want to go for a ride? Him I CAN’T GO RIGHT NOW! Silence I thought he was going to hang up then WHO THE HELL IS THIS!  After discussing caller id, motorcycle mpg, compass   or gps.  We decided to meet at 8:30 at the Potter Train, for a breakfast ride to Hope.
Bearclaw and Harvey were waiting for me when I pulled into Potter Station at 8:25. We were lucky as Saturday was the nice day. The tide was in, the water flat. The air warm.
It was quite a honor to lead the way, and have Bearclaw as sweep. We road as one! It was a great ride.
After breakfast at Hope’s Discovery Café, Bearclaw had to return to town to tend to his Beagles. The fellow is wild aboot Beagles and keep’s at least 4.  I set aboot-exploring Hope.
The towns of Hope Sunrise were once the center of some major mining activity. The community museum has some great pieces from the past, but show me some rusted metal in a field and I am happy.

Engine and Transmission Hope Tidal Flats

Harvey said this was a 16 bolt flat head ford V8. I think it looks cool
After Hope we headed north back to town on the Seward highway then turned east up the Glenn highway and ended at the Matanuska Glaciers, for a couple more shots before finally finding some rain to ride home in…

 Matanuska Glacier

One of our retreating glaciers. Because of burning fossil fuels if you know anyone who is 2 years old, this river of ice will be gone in their lifetime.

The fireweed was at its peak this last weekend

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