Thursday, July 14, 2011

National Day Of Ignorance and Fear

Laska is large. We have more coastline, more volcanoes, more square miles than any other State in the Union. I also thought that we had aboot the looniest republicans in the country. I mean we have Congressman young ding who says about global climate change “That when the ice melts in the Arctic, we will be able to farm”
We have senator liza mur~cow~ski who wants the Environmental Protection Agency run by oil and mining companies.
We have a almost half term governor that Doonesbury makes fun of on a regular basis.

But we ain’t got nothing on that little southern state of Texas.
Texass governor rick perry plans to hold a day of prayer and fasting to “heal our nation”
He has some dandy folks to help him, like the American Family Association, who through its radio and online networks promotes the message that “homosexuals are in the grasp of satan.
Our old pal john hagee will be a speaker, at the big event.
Oh and if you are Jewish or say Muslim don’t plan on attending because ricks god delusion says your god delusion is way wronger than his.
The media says rick is planning on a run for the White House, so this rally is in the fine ol republican tradition of fire up the crazies. The same crazies who bring up the Constitution at just aboot any opportunity, but in this case have overlooked the Bill of Rights that states, “The state shall not establish a official religion.

The declaration of independence clearly states all men are created equal, and still today officials like perry twist it around for their own sick gains.
The founders had it right!

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  1. I still think Arizona has loonier politicians than Alaska or Texas, but I think all 3 are neck and neck these days. My home state of Kansas can be a dark horse in this race, too.